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About Wash Works​ Laundry & Dry Cleaning

The founder of Wash Works opened the laundromat when he was 30 years old. He didn’t like working for a large company and he disliked sitting in an office all day. At one time, Wash Works grew to seven stores. He loved the business and wanted to redefine what a laundromat should be. They should be clean and with customer-service attendants to help and to answer questions. There should be plenty of folding tables and seating. There should be an atmosphere of cleanliness and safety and ample parking. Although the founder eventually sold six of the laundromats, he kept his first one, which was always his favorite. 

Wash Works is a full-service laundromat, Dry Cleaner, and Commercial laundry provider.


We have serviced the Stamford area for over 18 years with quality work and a first-rate store environment. If it needs to be washed, we can do it. We have large-capacity washers and dryers that will handle almost any item. Our full-time staff is always available to help and provide professional washing services as requested.

We offer more than any other laundry in Fairfield County. We have individual folding stations, TV’s, Wi-Fi, Soaps and much more. Wash Works also has the largest parking lot in the area and there are always spots available. We are located on East Main St for easy access from Downtown, I-95 and Darien.