Self Service Laundry Machines Min

​Wash Your Laundry at Our Full Service Coin-Operated Laundromat in Stamford

Wash your clothes with Ozone! The best way to wash your clothes is now available at Wash Works!

Wash Works is a full-service laundromat in Stamford. Our self-service coin-operated laundromat has 84 machines, including 35 and 80 lb dryers and 20, 35, 40, 50, and 80 lb washers. Pay directly from your phone with the Payrange app, or use cash. We have quarters machines on site.

Our machines are small, mid, and large capacity washers and dryers, that can accommodate any size load. Our dryers use high speed water extraction, so your clothes dry faster, saving you both time and money. Our Ozone- sanitized laundry system will get your clothes cleaner and fresher than ever!

We have two dryer sizes: 35 pounds and 80 pounds. We can accommodate any size wash! If you're looking for a great self-service laundromat in Stamford, come to Wash Works where you can wash all of your clothes in a short amount of time.

Wash Works also has many other conveniences so you can enjoy your time at Wash Works, while our machines do the work for you:

✔  Multiple televisions

✔  A kiosk with laptop repair

✔  Ample parking

✔  Check cashing and finance

✔  Western Union

✔  Moneygram

✔  Cell phone repair

✔  Debit cards

✔  On-site convenience store that offers a full line of major brand detergents, softener, bleach.

✔  Ozone Sanitized Laundry System

✔  Pay- Range for coin-free machine operation

Our Laundry Products

  • Dryer Sheets: Tide, Bounce, Suavitel
  • Fabric Softener: Suavitel, Gain, Downy, Tide
  • Detergent: Tide, Tide Free & Gentle, All, All Free & Clear, Downy Tide, Downy
  • Biodegradable Detergents: Roma and Foca

Our laundromat is the best in Stamford, with all sorts of amenities.

Our folding tables have private folding areas for each customer. Please visit us in our wonderful air conditioned laundromat! We look forward to helping you.