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Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service Areas Near Stamford, CT

We offer laundry pickup and delivery in and around the Stamford area of Connecticut, and nearby Fairfield and Westchester counties.

Fairfield: A beautiful affluent town in Fairfield County. It has a population of 62,000. It is well known for its colleges.

Stamford: A city with a population of 130,000 known for being the home to the electric dry shaver industry.

Darien: Just 37 miles northeast of New York City, with a population of 20,000, Darien is the smallest town of Connecticut’s gold coast.

Westport: A population of 28,000 with a reputation of being one of the best places to live. The schools are highly rated.

Fairfield County: Wash Works will pick up laundry service if you live in this county.

Wash works will do pickup and delivery in a very wide area. In alphabetical order, some of the cities and areas that we will drive to: