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Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Services Available In Fairfield And Westchester Counties

Wash Works offers top notch laundry pickup and delivery service in and around Stamford, CT. Ozone, the best way to wash your clothes is now available at Wash Works!

Laundry Pickup &
Delivery Services
$2.25 lb

Weekly Laundry
Pickup & Delivery
Services Pricing:
$2.09 lb

Not only do we wash, dry, and fold your clothes, but we will pick up and deliver them to your door step as well!

There are two options for  laundry pick up and delivery service.

      1) You can schedule us for weekly pick up. By committing to a weekly schedule, we have a reduced rate of only $2.09 per pound.

      2) For those who want a flexible pick up and delivery service for as needed, Wash Works charges $2.25 per pound.

*Please note - our laundry delivery service has a $35 minimum charge.

If you are looking for a laundry pick up service near Stamford, let Wash Works help you!

We are experts in laundry pick up and delivery, have a dedicated driving crew,  and offer easy online scheduling. We cover many areas of New York and Connecticut, including  Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Check out our laundry service areas in Connecticut and New York. If you don’t see your area covered, just ask us and we will see if we can do a laundry pick up and delivery service to your doorstep.

Click on the "Schedule A Pickup" button and let’s get started!